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Mizuno Drop The Morelia DNA Japan

Combining the best elements of its key silos, Mizuno launch the Morelia DNA Japan: a hybrid boot that sees the phenomenal fit and comfort of the Morelia II upper placed on top of the innovative soleplate of the Morelia Neo III β.

Mizuno’s approach in recent years has been two-fold: embracing the quality, comfort and heritage, while also driving forward their research and innovation, with both being inherently linked through the pure craftsmanship that the Japanese brand is renowned for. This is seen in two of Mizuno’s key boots: the traditional Morelia II, and the more innovation-driven Morelia Neo III β. Where they have been presented separately in the past, now Mizuno take the best features of both boots, combining them to produce a hybrid special.

mizuno 10-min.jpg
mizuno 9-min.jpg

Presented in “Obsidian/Galaxy Silver” colourway, the boot merges the plush K-leather upper of the Morelia II with the refined, lightweight soleplate of the Morelia Neo III β for the best of both worlds. And it’s all given that ultimate seal of quality that is the “Made in Japan” tag, alluding to the renowned craftsmanship of the brand. All together, the Morelia DNA Japan highlights the connection between innovation and heritage that’s so intrinsic to Mizuno.

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