Mizuno are renowned for the focus and attention that goes into the creation of what are quite simply some of the finest boots in the game. But that’s never been to the sacrifice of research and innovation, and these two approaches are captured in an instance of past meets present, with the launch of the new Morelia Neo III β and Morelia Zero, which together form the ‘Runbird DNA’ Pack.

Over the years, Mizuno’s striking inclination for research and innovation has never faded, while the essential features inherent at the heart of Mizuno’s football philosophy – premium K-leather, superb quality and comfort – have also never been forgotten. They are inherent in what the brand is, as is the Runbird logo – an instant visual cue for quality that’s attributable to the Japanese brand. And so the ‘Runbird DNA’ pack, which features limited edition 'Made In Japan' versions of the Morelia Zero and Morelia Neo III β, is honoured with that name as it so perfectly highlights the connection between innovation and heritage that’s so intrinsic to Mizuno.

mizuno 5-min.jpg

First up, there’s the innovation: the Mizuno Morelia Neo III β is lighter than ever before, created as the latest evolution of Morelia Neo family. Following on from the previous two Morelia Neo II Beta versions, it features a clean and stylish tri-colour design with white upper combined with black and red accents – one of the most recognisable Mizuno colourways – and it’s been developed to bring the concept of raw speed and pure acceleration to the next level. 

With the stud stabiliser technology, the new outsole gives great traction and stability in every direction. And the link between heritage and innovation is perfectly captured in the construction of the upper, thanks to the premium grade and ultra-thin K-Leather, which is combined with the innovative β knit collar to ensure the perfect connection of your foot to the boot.

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The Morelia Zero – so named as this is where it all began – is then a nod to the past, championing the heritage of Mizuno. Handcrafted Morelia is globally recognized as a premium K-Leather football boot and the most iconic products by Mizuno. This boot combines the ultimate hallmarks of quality, tradition and class, all wrapped up in a timeless design that inverts the colourway of the Morelia Neo III β. An old school boot which knows how to amaze.

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