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adidas Drop The Special Edition PredCopX

Pulling the most iconic features from its top three boots, adidas drop the PredCopX: a special edition amalgamation of the Predator Freak, COPA Sense and X Ghosted, united to create the ultimate Three Stripes boot.

For years now, the top brands have been putting out specialist boots that accentuate certain abilities. Fast? Get a speed boot and you’ll be faster. Control the game? There’s boots that’ll help you do it in style, and so on. This process has been refined as time has passed, and for adidas it now means that they have a three distinct technologies that encapsulate three distinct types of play. So, what happens if you combine all three of these technologies? You get the PredCopX: a hybrid super boot that boasts the best bits of the Predator Freak, COPA Sense and X Ghosted.

predcopx 7-min.jpg

This isn’t the first time that adidas have experimented with Hybrid releases. Most recently they launched the special edition Predator ‘Archive Mutator’, but that release was made up of past Predators only. The PredCopX represents the first time that the Three Stripes have crossed their key silos to create something entirely new.

Of course, all three of the boots in focus feature a host of innovative technologies, but for this project adidas have cherry picked the standout element from each; effectively what makes each boot what it is. That means taking the FUSIONSKIN leather from COPA, a material made from a fusion of leather and Primeknit that moulds to the shape of the foot, the evolved DEMONSKIN from Predator, with those unmistakeable rubber spikes, and the CARBITEX SPEEDFRAME from the X, which transmits power efficiently through the dynamic carbon fibre plate insert. Altogether that means that you theoretically have the best of three worlds.

predcopx 5-min.jpg

And this ultimate mash-up is represented in the colour choices, which see a fairly traditional black base joined by white stripes on the forefoot. That classic look is then turned on its head by being combined with a shot of pink in the collar tongue and laces, which flows down onto the rubber spikes that also introduce a shot of yellow, while the soleplate finishes the look off with an iridescent shimmer. Quite the look for quite the boot.

predcopx 6-min.jpg
predcopx 4-min.jpg
predcopx 3-min.jpg
predcopx 2-min.jpg

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Daniel Jones

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