Arriving just in time for the return of football, Italian craft masters Pantofola d’Oro present their latest creation, the contemporary styled but classic feeling Superstar 2000, which launches in two contrasting colourways of “Black/Pink” and “White/Pink”.

After an understandably quiet year last year, which was rounded off with the release of the impressive Starlight in two monochrome colourways, Pantofola d’Oro belatedly get things underway for 2021 with the launch of the Superstar 2000, updating one of the brand’s most popular boots. Following suit with the Starlight drop, the Superstar 2000 is again wrapped in clean black and white coats, albeit with a splash of pink to mark out its identity. 

pantof 2-min.jpg
pantof 3-min.jpg

Pantofola d’Oro are known for their tradition, style and elegance, and the Superstar 2000 continues in that mould, being handmade from the finest K-leather for premium comfort. The original Superstar was always a favourite thanks to its plush comfort and traditional feel, and this sleek update carries all that with it, adding just a touch more to improve on the original.

Texturing on the upper now offers increased ball contact and superior control, while the modern soleplate wraps around the heel for improved support at the rear foot. Presentation-wise, that wavy introduction on the upper, here presented in pink, emphasises the artistic style of play on offer. Tradition with a twist? Yeah, all for it.

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