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Looking Back At The Best Launches From Lockdown

The end of lockdown is in sight, but the last two months have not been empty voids, free from any progress. Quite the opposite when it comes to boot releases in fact, with all of the big brands making some major moves. So what have you missed out on, and what do you need for for the big return? Here are the best launches to have dropped through lockdown.

29 March. No need for us to tell you to note that date in your diary, for it will be ingrained in every UK-based football fan’s mind as the first day that we can get back to properly kicking a ball about in something resembling a competitive match with someone other than the people that we share our homes with. Nan really has had enough of going in goal now. But with the lack of action on the pitch, it’d be understandable if you hadn’t paid the greatest attention to what new boots have dropped over the last two months. And if that is the case, then you’ve missed some huge releases, with Nike, adidas and PUMA all releasing next generation updates of some of their biggest boots. Combine them with fresh colour updates and some of the best limited edition releases in recent memory, and you start to see that, despite lockdown, 2021 actually got off to a flyer, and here's the best of the bunch... 

eclipse 1-min.jpg

PUMA 2021 'Eclipse Pack' 

Turning out the lights on their new look setup, PUMA launched the 2021 'Eclipse Pack', which saw the Ultra and the King Platinum joined by the new Future Z in black suits of stealth. Always going to be a favourite on grassroots, and a nice contrast to the attention-grabbing 'Game On' stylings.


mizuno 1-min.jpg

Mizuno 'Ignition Red' Pack

Ready for the return of football Mizuno refreshed their roster with their first pack release of 2021, which saw the current trio of Morelia Neo III β, Morelia II and Rebula Cup dressed from toe to heel in corresponding red suits.


lockdown launches 1-min.jpg

adidas 'Superstealth Pack'

Launched in three parts over the last two months, the 'Superstealth Pack' sees adidas's repertoire blacked out, as has been something of a tradition over the last few years. It offered up the first alternate looks for the all-new Predator Freak and COPA Sense, along with a first dark look for the X Ghosted and Nemeziz, although all featured iridescent flashes.


puma 6-min.jpg

PUMA Ultra 1.2 'Game On'

Launched slightly later than its 'Game On' counterpart, the Future Z, so as to not take away any of the next-gen boot's limelight, the Ultra 1.2 arrived in a more understated look, but still an eye catching one.


porsche 1-min.jpg

PUMA King Platinum '911 Legacy'

The impressive legacies of PUMA and Porsche came together for some special edition sauce. The PUMA King Platinum ‘911 Legacy’ was limited to 911 pairs and it offers the updated classic design in 'Poppy Red' and white, one of the iconic colours of the Porsche 911. 


super 2-min.jpg

adidas 'Superlative Pack'

The launch vehicle for the all-new next generation Predator Freak, the 'Superlative Pack' saw the Nemeziz and X Ghosted in corresponding colourways, as adidas refreshed their on-pitch look for the new year. The COPA was conspicuous by its absence at this stage though...


prism 12-min.jpg

Nike 'Black x Prism' pack

Another option that's always going to appeal to the grassroots performers, Nike toned everything down for an alternative look for its lineup. The ‘Black x Prism’ pack sees colours flash through the Swoosh on each silo, transitioning through blue to yellow on the Phantom and blue to red on the Tiempo. And for the Mercurial Vapor and Superfly, which arrived fashionably late, it’s red to yellow. Subtle and striking at the same time.


spectrum 11-min.jpg

Nike 'Spectrum Pack'

Providing a well overdue refresh for its on-pitch roster, Nike launched the ‘Spectrum Pack, which saw colourful new looks for the Phantom GT, the Tiempo Legend VIII, and for the first time alongside them, the next generation Mercurial Vapor 14 and Superfly 8.


puma 5-min.jpg

PUMA Future Z 'Game On'

Having teased it before Christmas, PUMA officially launched the Future Z in January, and it arrived in a vibrant "Yellow Alert/Black" colourway that really placed emphasis on that new FUZIONFIT+ band in the mid foot area. Comes with Neymar seal of approval.



adidas COPA Sense+

Technically part of the 'Superlative Pack', adidas launched the wavy next generation COPA Sense later to ensure it got all of the attention that it rightly deserved. Arriving in a traditional with a popping gold soleplate, the COPA Sense boasted three key upgrades to enhance feel and touch for players: SensePods, TouchPods and SoftStuds. Plus it looks sleek as hell – never hurts.


copa 9-min.jpg

adidas Copa Mundial 'Eternal Class'

The 'Eternal Class' pack basically did exactly what it said on the tin, paying homage to some of the best boots from the adidas Archive by showing off the timeless designs and exceptional quality that have made them favourites for decades. And no boot in the Three Stripes' repertoire encapsulates that ethos more than the Copa Mundial, which was presented in a more familiar and traditional black out aesthetic for the second part of the pack. Sadly no longer available, but what do you expect?

mbappe 1-min.jpg

Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 'Chosen 2'

Nike's first moves of the new year saw the Swoosh bringing together two of its biggest star athletes in Kylian Mbappe and LeBron James. The 'Chosen 2' Mercurial Superfly 7 came complete with combined branding from both stars, as well as that extra special double Swoosh.


df top-min.jpg

Nike Mercurial 'Dragonfly'

Launching the next generation of Mercurial in some style, Nike dropped the 'Dragonfly' on us back in January. The psychedelic “White/Metallic Silver/Dark Raisin” colourway, that’s inspired by a computer motherboard, featured a specially numbered design that called out each of the boot’s seven key components. Helluva way to introduce all the upgrades...


eternal 2-min.jpg

adidas Predator Accelerator 'Eternal Class'

Take a seat and admire – this monochrome masterpiece. The Accelerator is quite simply one of the most iconic Predator silhouettes of all time, and silhouette is the most apt word in that sentence as adidas opened the archives once more for a delicacy in the dark, switching out the lights on the clean white of what we now know was only the first instalment of the 'Eternal Class' pack. Doesn't get much better than this, although long gone now.

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