Turning up the speed for a seasonal switch up, adidas launch the ‘Precision to Blur’ pack, with a new generation of Nemeziz headlining an eye-catching new act from the Three Stripes. The new pack will be seen on-pitch from 20 November following the International break.

The tagline attached to the new ‘Precision to Blur’ pack is ‘Fast Like Never Before’, and it is boasts a design aesthetic that captures the distortion of movement that’s amplified by speed. While attention is grabbed by the new look and new generation of Nemeziz, the pack is rounded out with new looks for the X Ghosted, Predator Mutator, and COPA, completing a spectrum of colour that represents the constant state of flux that football is in.

adi 2-min.jpg
adi 3-min.jpg

Where else to start but with the new Nemeziz 20+, which is referred to as the ‘Shapeshifter’, possibly as a reference to the shifting of colour and shape that is integral to the design; it is both unpredictable and outrageous. The quite extraordinary effect of the boot is accomplished through a 3D screen print in the upper that provides further definition of the shapeshifting optic, while also highlighting one of the tech upgrades that marks this out as a next-generation boot. The colour blocking defines the intensity of the visual, all together capturing the Nemeziz style of play.

That psychedelic visual effect on the upper continues on the iridescent split soleplate, which itself works together with the Torsion System technology to allow for extreme torsional movements, while maintaining balance. 

adi 9-min.jpg
adi 8-min.jpg

Next up, the X Ghosted arrives in a simple "Signal Green/Core Black" colourway, with the former dominating the look, and the latter only appearing as accents, most notably through the Three Stripes. This is only the second look for the X Ghosted since its 'Inflight' debut, where the translucent effect really played well with the name of the boot. In contrast, this look may not lend itself as well to the 'Ghosted' name (although we do see a bit of Slimer from the Ghostbusters) but it's a visually dominant look none-the-less.

That Signal Green and Core Black look then transfers on to the Predator Mutator 20+, albeit with more of a 50/50 split; that scorch effect of the green on black from the forefoot lending itself to the whole speed-centric, blurred nature of the pack.

adi 7-min.jpg
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And finally there's the COPA 20+, which comes in Core black, with signal orange accents. If you place the boots in a row, you get the spectrum of colour travelling across the array, transitioning from the showpiece Nemeziz, through the green to black of the X Ghosted, Predator Mutator and COPA. For the COPA then, it's a stark contrast to the white of the 'Glory Hunter' Pack, and a look that's not at all unfamiliar for the silo. But that's certainly no bad thing, right?

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