Mizuno's latest Morelia Neo III β colourway comes wrapped in a classy coat of understated vibes with a premium finish. Imagine our shock. The new 'Cyber' edition drops to round off another typically stylish year for the brand on their most advanced speed boot to date.

If you could sum up Mizuno in one phrase it would be 'quality over quantity'. The Japanese brand will only bring new technology to market if it genuinely improves their existing silos, and that's why they've built a reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands in the game. The same applies for colourways; rather than churn out lots to please the masses, Mizuno will hand pick a few to ensure they deliver the best for their players.

miz 5-min.jpg
miz 6-min.jpg

The new 'Cyber' edition of the Morelia Neo III β is as classy as they come with it's all black leather upper and flashes of blue providing a but of energy on the branding. While numerous leading brands are pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to speed boots with laceless and synthetic technology, Mizuno are still owning that space where lightweight meets leather – a category that will forever be popular with players who want that traditional feel without being weighed down.

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