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Nike Launch The Phantom GT Academy FlyEase

The innovations keep on coming from Nike, as the brand officially bring FlyEase into football, pairing it up with the recently released Phantom GT. Together, the Phantom GT Academy FlyEase offers a unique entry system ensuring football is accessible for everyone.

Since its debut, FlyEase technologies have been employed in more than 20 footwear styles across basketball, running and sportswear, and now it makes its way into football, with the Phantom GT Academy FlyEase. The boot features a unique entry system, with a fold-down heel for ultimate on and off ease, and a wrap-around strap closure in lieu of laces. Honestly, it’s like popping on your favourite pair of slippers, it’s that easy. The rear panel folds down to allow the foot to slide in with zero fuss, and then a lightweight, wraparound strap secures the boot in place, using Flywire cables to maintain tension in motion. No laces, no fuss.

Nike FlyEase extends Nike’s long-standing commitment to “always listen to the voice of the athlete” by formulating fresh considerations about how shoes should function. It all started in July 2015, when 16-year-old Matthew Walzer, who has cerebral palsy wrote a letter to Nike asking them to consider developing a shoe design for people who may have trouble tying shoelaces. Nike shoe designer, Tobie Hatfield, read Matthew’s request and started developing a prototype for a shoe Matthew and other people with disabilities could wear comfortably.

The underlying functionality of FlyEase is about solutions that allow wearers to open, close and feel secure in a shoe using one or no hands. This includes consideration of alternatives to traditional shoelaces ranging from zippered uppers to cable-and-strap systems, the likes of which are seen on the Phantom GT Academy. As some football boots can be notoriously difficult to get on and off, this revolutionary system offers a far easier option, specifically suited to people with disabilities.

Carson Pickett, defender for the Orlando Pride, is one such player, and she said of the boots: “Honestly, my first reaction when I saw the Phantom GT FlyEase was relief. I thought about my younger self and what it would have meant for me if something like this existed when I was growing up. I feel like this boot represents me and anybody else who is unique. FlyEase is very easy for anybody to put on quickly, which I love.

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