As Harry Kane gears up for an imminent return to the football pitch he’s given us one of our best looks yet at Nike’s blacked out mystery boot. Seen on the feet of more and more pros with every passing week, this upcoming release has got to be dropping anytime now.

England captain Kane has been a Phantom VNM wearer from the moment that silo replaced the Hypervenom, but as we enter a timespan where we would be expecting a next generation of that boot, could what we’re looking at actually signal its end? While the obvious suggestion would be that this mystery black boot is indeed the next generation VNM, the fact that it’s been seen on the feet of numerous pros that wear Phantom VSN as well, most notably Kevin De Bruyne and Shkodran Mustafi, suggests that this is in fact part of a significant summer shuffle for the Swoosh that could alter the four silo setup that we’ve been used to for so long.

kane 3-min.jpg
kane 4-min.jpg

The Manchester City contingent of Stones, Rodri and De Bruyne confirmed recently that this new silo will indeed come in both low cut and collared versions, and Kane, like Stones, has opted for the low cut option. Again we see the Swoosh on the forefoot, here positioned in an almost straight line pointing along the length of the foot towards the toe. Whether that remains its position upon release will have to be seen, but the positioning of the laces – drastically off-centre, much like the Phantom VNM, but completely uncovered – will certainly remain as is. What’s most interesting about this glimpse though is the apparent texture of the upper; it almost looks as if there is a raised ‘dimple’ effect, something which would likely be included for grip and control on the ball.

Kane is obviously set for a return to action when the Premier League returns, having been ruled out due to a hamstring injury since 1 January – something which required the England international to have surgery. The fact he is trialling a new boot is a clear indicator that he is fit and healthy, as players would be unlikely to risk aggravating an injury by changing up.

kane 1-min.jpg
kane 2-min.jpg

Stay tuned for official confirmation of how this boot is set to fit into the Swoosh's summer shake up.