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Diadora Brasil Italy LT MDPU 'Royal Blue' & 'White'

Still dreaming of that hand made boot that out smells the senses with a rich whiff of the finest leather? The reminiscing can well and truly be put to one side as the Diadora Brasil Italy returns with two kisses of colour and a refreshingly beautiful aesthetic. Minimalist but magical, it's class championed.

Ready to redefine the standards of a cultured game, the thought of Italian football in isolation is enough to charm pearls off a jeweller. Marry this with the charismatic carnival that is Brasil then you are quite frankly moving into the realms of a god-like genius. Like an espresso shot of sophistication blended with the street whistles of street football, the Diadora Brasil Italy is a boot that has character weaved into every thread.

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Re-born in 'Royal' and 'White' colours, these two stand-up, contemporary classics have been laid on for the taste-maker. The long evenings of sun-light giving us those extra hours to grace the pitch, these are the perfect companion for the fresh cut and glowing green grass. A summer sensation, they'll keep a party going from one to the next head-turning along the way. One way to speak without raising a decibel, the colour of each of these boots does the talking.

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Tailored craftsmanship that throws up a whole new level of appreciation, these stitch with style. While the upper shines with a striking zest, the famous Diadora logo personifies the love for the attention to detail. All this before we've even mentioned the glorious pinch of leather that offers the perfect touch and control of the ball, there's comfort at every turn.

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More than a tempting serving of football cuisine, these will cure your craving for that perfect touch. The perfect tools, triumphant and timeless, you can pick up a pair here. One of each probably.


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