Celebrating 35 years since its original release, Mizuno launch the Morelia II Made in Japan in a classic “Black/White/Chinese Red” colourway that pays homage to where it all began. Class, tradition and quality, all wrapped up in a timeless design. Oh go on then...

When talking about classic boots, the Mizuno Morelia should always be part of the conversation, up there with the likes of the Copa Mundial and the PUMA King as traditionally crafted premium leather options, offering supreme comfort and a superb touch on the ball. Sticking solidly with tradition, the Morelia is one of those boots that features a timeless design that has barely changed over the last three and a half decades, and to celebrate 35 years of greatness Mizuno have launched the Morelia II in a classic OG colourway.


You don’t get any more traditional than a black base, and Mizuno combine this with white accents on the Runbird, that iconic fold over tongue and through the soleplate. The black and white is then joined by pops of red details to complete the look. Yes, you’ve seen this before, but it looks just as good today as it did 35 years ago. Combined with the ultimate hallmark of quality that is the ‘Made in Japan’ call out plastered unapologetically across the tongue – a true sign of the premium craftsmanship of the boot – and what you’ve got is the epitome of class. Time to dig out that Christmas cash…


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