Picking out 20 of the best football shirts in the world is nigh-on impossible, but we’ve had a crack at it anyway, rounding up what we think are the top designs from both the club and international scenes.

There’s been so many good football shirts this year that it was ridiculously difficult to pick just 20. The World Cup and the Women’s Euros certainly provided plenty to pick over, to the point where we had to make a little in-house rule that we’d only feature one kit per team, and by that virtue we have to apologise to the likes of Japan, Mexico, Germany and Vasco Da Gama, who all have more than one kit worthy of placing on this list in our opinion. As it is though, this is our final list – only other rules were that it had to have been released this calendar year, and it has to have been worn in a match. All subjective, and never going to please everyone (sure we’ve missed some obvious ones) but here goes…

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20. Inter Milan Away – Nike

This is a design that's definitely grown on us and that would probably rank higher if it weren't for UEFA regulations meaning that all of its glorious world map detail gets washed out when it's in use in European competition. Thankfully it still looks great in Serie A action.

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19. Fiorentina Third – Kappa

We could've just as easily opted for Tunisia's third shirt here, as it's essentially the same design from Kappa, and that's one of the reasons it loses a few places in the rankings. But the similarities aside, this is a rich design with a wonderful colour combination and added sublimated detail. Top stuff.

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18. San Diego Loyal Third – Charly

So good it really should be illegal. Inspired by the city’s Mexican and Mexican American population and border-town communities in the Baja California region, this "Siempre Leal" kit from Mexican brand Charly is an absolute work of art.

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17. Pacific FC Alternate – Macron

Conjuring images of the Club America 2021 third shirt (and believe us, that's no bad thing) the Pacific FC alternate shirt is the first indigenous-designed jersey in Canadian pro sports history, created by Coast Salish artist Maynar Johnny Jr., and it draws its inspiration from the tallest Totem in the world, located in Beacon Hill park, Victoria. The shirt has an "indigenous" style to pay tribute to such a significant and profound symbol. With even the branding and sponsor getting in on the act, this is a shirt that definitely deserves more eyes on it.

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16. Portland Timbers Alternate – adidas

There will be some that hate this design, and we get that. Each to their own. But if you're one of those then you're wrong. The 'Heritage Rose Kit' is a proper bespoke beauty that pays tribute to The Rose City. Really unique look, but one that we're fully into.

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15. Barcelona Away – Nike

Yep, we'll be the first to admit that we really weren't sure when we first saw the Barcelona away shirt. But since then it just hasn't stopped growing on us. The beautiful detailing, the tone of gold, the link to the Olympics... it's all there and it also looks better on pitch than we thought possible.

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14. Brazil Home – Nike

The first 2022 World Cup offering to feature, but certainly not the last, the Brazil home shirt sees a sublimated all-over jaguar print, while even the placket gets in on the beauty of the design, recreating the national flag. Shame the Seleção couldn't quite live up to the brilliance of the design.

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13. SSC Bari Special Edition Home – Kappa

Kappa teamed up with designer Leonardo Colacicco for this limited edition release, which was worn in the regional championship derby against Fidelis Andria back in March. If you can get hold of one of these now, then you're sure to be on for some serious kudos from fellow shirt aficionados next time you wear it to do your weekly Lidl shop. Beautiful details hidden within.

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12. Manchester United Away – adidas

United have a long history with white alternate shirts, so this was already a winner for most. But it also comes with two-tone black and red Three Stripe details featuring across the shoulders and through that smart collar and cuff detail, ensuring all three core club colours come together through the kit. United back to winning ways? Certainly in the kit department they are.

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11. LAFC Home – adidas

LAFC got an absolutely banging update to their home look for their 2022 campaign, and it was made all the more special with their performances, which saw them win it all. The club always look immense thanks to their black and gold home colours, but the design here was elevated by a superb geometric graphic that runs throughout. "Flex" in gold just works on so many levels too.

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10. Argentina Away – adidas

This was already an amazing design (anything with fire on it gets added bonus points with us) but add to that the fact that it's now a World Cup-winning shirt and it's well deserving of its spot in the top 10.

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9. South Korea Away – Nike

One of the wilder designs at the World Cup, Nike once again went to town on South Korea's away shirt, with a look that highlights Taegeuk, the symbol found on the Korean flag that represents national pride and balance between heaven (blue) and earth (red).

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8. Germany Home – adidas

Is this Germany's best ever home shirt? Well, it could've been had the national team not bombed out at the group stages. The simplicity of the new adidas performance logo sitting atop the national crest in a centralised formation on that black stripe... just works, doesn't it?

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7. Vasco Da Gama Third – Kappa

The Vasco third shirt is so deeply textured it really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. It arrived as the third in what was surely one of the best kits sets of the season, and not only that, it was bolstered by two amazing goalkeeper shirts. The luxurious design of the third shirt paid tribute to the club's home stadium, with the jacquard fabric featuring a design inspired by the tiles at the São Januário. Off-white with golden details, that collar, that crest... need we go on?

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6. Ajax Away – adidas

We will beat this drum until the cows come home: adidas and Ajax just don't do bad kits. It's one of the most consistent partnerships in the game, and it once again delivered, with a design that combined a dark navy base with red and gold details. Looks even better as part of a full kit as well. 

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5. Venezia Third – Kappa

Where could Venezia go after the heights of the 21/22 season? Some would say from the top there's only one way, but the Italian side instead decided to carve it's own path, rebranding itself and leaning into the football x fashion realm, with the help of world-renowned Munich-based design studio Bureau Borsche. And as a statement, they went all gold...

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4. Japan Home – adidas

Japan became the cult favourites at Qatar due to their gritty, never-say-die performances, and it was helped by shirt that featured an origami-inspired sublimated pattern on that lovely tone of blue. And to whomever made the decision to include yellow font for numbers and names, throwing back to the colour's inclusion in 2008? Hats off...

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3. France Women Home – Nike

Easily the best shirt at this summer's Women's Euros, the France home shirt featured a beautiful all-over floral motif, inspired by French art and neoclassical architecture. Red bands carrying the inscription "Les Bleues" ran down the sides as a nice finishing touch. 

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2. Corinthians Third – Nike

Honestly, have you ever seen anything like this? The special design celebrated a decade since Timão’s Golden Year—a period marked by great achievements including the 2012 Copa Libertadores and the Club World Cup in Japan. It’s the latter that was celebrated throughout the kit, which featured a fusion of Japanese elements in reference to the host nation. Want to know what the Japanese wording says? It's the phrase “Here is Corinthians!” Least that's what we've been told anyway...

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1. Mexico Away – adidas

One of the biggest travesties of the 2022 World Cup was that this shirt never got worn on pitch. Adidas infused Mexico’s away jersey with Mixtec art to summon the fighting spirit of the nation. Amidst the eye-catching all-over design, a sign off on the inside collar displays Quetzalcoat’s serpent body – a representation of humankind’s physical abilities. Simply stunning.

Special mention for Atletico Mineiro's Manta Da Massa shirt. Would've got a place if we could've found a picture of it being worn in a match...

Go on then, who did we miss?

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