Did this start as a top ten list? Yep. Is 14 a weird number for a list? Yep. But that's not important. What is important is that each of these handsome little bastards need re-releasing so we can overdose on nostalgia. 2019 has been the year of the re-make so far, and don't mind us if we throw a few options into the mix for the next archive raid.

We've seen numerous re-makes over the past few seasons, especially in the adidas camp, where the Predator Mania, Accelerator and Precision have all taken on modernised designs and sold in the masses. Some have been limited edition, some have been larger volume releases. It might be the oldest trick in the book to re-visit a design which already has a huge fanbase... but it works. With that in mind we asked you which re-make you'd snap up if it dropped tomorrow.

See. Nike have also been busy this month with the re-release of the T90 Laser I boots, again, selling out in minutes, and now players are hungry for more. So what next? Assembled brands, scroll down and take your pick. We'll take any of these, over and over again.


Nike CTR360 Maestri – A name that kept appearing and a strong candidate for a successful re-release. The Nike CTR360 Maestri (2009) is probably a bit too young for a re-make, the thirst here is for a straight up comeback of Nike's most popular control boot to date. You'd take any of the three generations wouldn't you? That OG first-gen colourway is the one though. 10th birthday this year...


adidas Predator Powerswerve - We've had our fair share of adidas Predator re-makes that we can't complain too much. But... as time goes on, these icons slip further into throwback status. The Powerswerve? Steven Gerrard's favourite Pred. A boot launched in 2007 and arguably the strongest design in the post-Mania series.


Nike Mercurial Vapor III – Dropping back to 2006 for the cleanest design from the Mercurial series. That super smooth, uninterrupted, one-coloured upper. Slap any colour on that and it looked boss. With that in mind a re-make collection of five colourways should be about sufficient. Cheers, Nike.


Nike Mercurial Vapor II – It would have been obvious to opt for the first ever Mercurial Vapor but the second-gen was just that bit sharper. It's been 15 years since the release of the iconic golden design and that's as good a reason as any for another round of golden gifts.


adidas Supernova – The Supernova was a boot that dropped during the height of the Predator Mania success, so it was a bit overlooked and therefore underrated. What was essentially an adiPure with a bit of added bite, the Supernova was worn by the likes of Patrick Vieira and Frank Lampard in 2003. 


Nike Air Zoom Total 90 I – This would fly and you absolutely know it. Tough to pick a colourway again, but we'll back the "White/Blue" drop to do the business. You'd spend the following week wearing nothing but these if you managed to snag a re-release.


adidas F50 adizero 2010 – The first F50 of the adizero era, and another boot that's coming up to celebrate a decade since it launched. The leather version delivered lightweight speed in comfort, but the synthetic version is what took the F50 to a new market.


Nike Mercurial Vapor SL – 2008 saw Nike super-charge the Mercurial's lightweight speed concept by constructing the latest silhouette entirely out of carbon fiber. It weighed in at just 185 grams and looked like a part from a spaceship. Lots of potential to play around with a re-release here.


Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III – 15 years ago these released. Yep, more mathematical reason for another go. Every number on this planet should be typed in this font and placed inside a circle. Take us back to EURO 2004. Are we digging around for a PS2 to play the EURO 2004 edition at that stadium with the big cliff behind one goal? No, you are.


Lotto Zhero Gravity – The original laceless football boots dropped in 2006. Lotto were making history long before the leading brands got involved and with the full adidas collection now available without laces, it's about time the Italian brand made a comeback to take ownership.


Nike T90 Laser IV – Can you have too much of a good thing? No. Absolutely not. We've had one Laser re-release. Great, cheers for that. We'll have the other three now please and thank you.


adidas F50 2004 – Why do we think of Damien Duff every time we see these? Not sure, but it only makes us want the OG colourway even more. Throw in the "White/Blue" EURO 2004 design to while you're at it. Nice little two-boot collection to mark the 15th anniversary. 


adidas F50 2005 – You can have another 15th anniversary a year later with the second generation F50. Jermain Defoe all over, these.


adidas adiPURE I – These would have been a more urgent re-release had the COPA 19 not delivered exceptional leather feel, but we'll still take a re-make while we're in the mood.

Couldn't find a photo of any Cica Blades but you can consider them very much a part of this... any others we've missed? Tweet us and we'll ignore you unless we agree.