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Mizuno Launch Morelia Neo II Beta

Mizuno continues its “testing” phase, following up the initial silver release of its Morelia Neo II ‘Beta’ with a blacked out version that is more in keeping with what we often expect to see with prototype-style boots.

First launched back in August of this year, the Morelia Neo II ‘Beta’ saw Mizuno experimenting with its most traditional of silos, combining the classic K-leather forefoot with a fibrous mesh yarn on the rear foot to create a "Superlight" edition that came in at a mere 170g, while still offering the same touch and feel on the ball. And now the experiment continues, with the Japanese brand dropping the same boot in a far more classic all-black look that’s sure to extend the appeal to traditionalists.

mizuno 1-min.jpg

Not many people would argue against the touch and comfort of a leather boot, but one of the draw backs has always been the weight. While it’s nothing new to see a leather forefoot combined with a  synthetic rear foot in an effort to keep this down, it’s not something you expect from a traditional boot such as the Morelia. Mizuno after all, already have the Rebula in place in that department. 

But the Morelia Neo II ‘Beta’ offers a complete blend of tradition with innovation. The forefoot is an exact recreation of the standard Morelia Neo II, but the introduction of fibre reinforcement in the outsole for example, offers up a genuine performance enhancement, delivering better responsiveness when sprinting. It’s additions like this that mark the ‘Beta’ out, the past being amalgamated with the present for something quite different. And while the original silver colourway was incredibly popular and aesthetically very pleasing, there’s nothing like a blacked out boot, right?

mizuno 3-min.jpg
mizuno 2-min.jpg

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