This here is a re-issue of the Predator Mania and we should all be thanking adidas that they're not charging us an admission fee just to be looking at it, because they damn well could, and we'd damn well pay it. A landmark drop for the 25th anniversary of the Predator, this is Beckham, this is nostalgia, this is Predator perfection.

Okay, re-releasing the most loved Predator of all time is a pretty route one way to guarantee success, but adidas have nailed this. The Three Stripes have toyed with Predator re-releases in the past, and after the Predator Mania 19+ drop earlier this week, they've followed it up with a trip back to the original. That tongue, those swerved rubber fin elements. If you know, then there are no other words needed.


The Predator Mania exists as one of those boots that almost defines an era, encapsulating not only a generation but also the players that wore them. Think Beckham's free kicks and that Zidane volley in the Champions League final. For many this is the greatest football boot of all time, and this is a tribute that will be in serious demand. We've had the "Champagne" re-issue, and now we're looking at the red edition, one of the most underrated colourways to dress the Mania.


The re-issue Mania upper sits on top of the standard Predator 19 soleplate as adidas ensure that the boot is modernised and match-ready – not that many of these will make their way onto pitches – expect these to be snapped up by avid Predator collectors globally.


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