Following on from the success of the return of the F50 99g, which was combined with the X for a modern day reinterpretation, adidas continues to celebrate its heritage by revisiting one of the most iconic F50 silhouettes of all time and once again blending it with the X to give us the adidas Launch The X 506+ Tunit.

The adidas X 506+ Tunit is instantly recognisable due to its unique silhouette, and like the F50 99g, it holds a special place in adidas archive, existing as the first F50 to be fully customisable. So after the warm reception that the X 99 received, it’s no surprise to see adidas dipping into its huge back catalogue once more. Originally launched in 2006 ahead of the World Cup in Germany, the F50.6 Tunit was the first fully interchangeable boot from adidas, and its re-release now seeming all the more poignant following the end of the Glitch series.


For this updated classic, adidas have opted to go with the launch colourway from the 2006 World Cup. The combination of this upper, which is a 1:1 recreation of the original 2006 model, with a very similar shiny and superlight synthetic material with velcro to hold the lace cover in place, with the X19+ tooling, which is transparent with a backside print of the original design featured on the +F50.6 Tunit, significantly reduces the weight compared to the original version, an essential quality when this is being marketed as a speed boot.


Early indications point towards the possibility that we may see the X +F50 Tunit on pitch on the feet of Karim Benzema, the Frenchman potentially switching things up from his usual choice of X 19.1. Otherwise, this boot sits comfortably alongside the X 99 in the nostalgia driven relaunches as adidas continue to emphasise their legacy in the game, something we're more than happy to see.

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