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adidas Launch The Limited Edition X 99.1 Boot

Reaching into their esteemed archives to pick out a featherlight favourite adidas have launched the X 99.1 football boots. A super lightweight construction inspired by the first ever F50 in 2004, the new design celebrates the 15th birthday of the adidas speed boot market.

The F50 progressed to the F50 adizero before evolving into the X series in 2015, and along that journey adidas created the world's lightest ever football boots in 2015: The adizero 99g. A super restricted launch that was followed up by a second incarnation a year later, it's this lightweight theme that the new X 99.1 follows, albeit this time it doesn't dip under the 100g marker.


The adidas X 99.1 features a futuristic vibe thanks to its pristine stripped back synthetic upper and "cyan" Three Stripe branding. The adidas logos are flipped on the tongue and heel area and are finished in pink for a twisted aesthetic. The speed of light (299,792,458 m/s) is printed on the sockliner.

The boot is actually a lot closer to 200g than it is to 99g as adidas have delivered a design that is wearable and durable, as well as, like any limited edition drop, collectable. The ultralight SpeedFrame soleplate is again stripped back to keep weight to a minimum as the brand launch their first significant and disruptive limited edition drop of the 2019/20 campaign.


Pick up the adidas X 99.1 football boots at


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