After three years of disrupting the market with its unique two-piece construction adidas have announced that the Glitch will be ditched at the end of 2019. What we're looking at here is the penultimate outerskin to feature on the silo, with the Glitch set to be turned offline on December 31 at the turn of the New Year.

The Glitch has been one the most intriguing designs of all time with a silhouette and concept that re-wrote the rule books of boot design. In those three years adidas have launched some stunning outer-skin designs for their football boots, which is why the penultimate drop is a bit disappointing. Not only is it on the turf version, it looks like "something a 5-a-side team of gimps would wear" – not our words – the words of the cleaner at SB HQ, not that we don't totally disagree with him. At least there's one more to look forward to before adidas turn the lights off.


It drops as the Glitch Redirect edition and features a shimmering black upper with red circuit coding details flowing from the heel. Translucent Glitch & Three Stripe branding finishes off the "futuristic" look. You know the deal by now; the Glitch comprises of an interlocking inner shoe and laceless outer skin. While all Glitch editions will remain on the Glitch app until the last second of 2019, adidas have announced that the phase out of the Glitch will coincide with a brand new and exciting football product launching later this year, as adidas continue to innovate and move into the next stage of evolution.


Want this skin? Download the adidas Glitch App here.