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adidas Launch the Copa Gloro 19 "Archetic Pack"

Taking the next-gen curves of the COPA away from the champagne finishes of the launch colourway and straight into the realms of darkness, adidas launch the “Archetic Pack” Copa Gloro 19, and it’s a thing of beauty.

Like the COPA 19, the Copa Gloro 19 looks sublime in black, but where the aforementioned king of the COPA family adopts a shiny blue soleplate for the "Archetic Pack", the Copa Gloro goes almost completely black all over; it’s only the slightest grey trim round the collar, and an iridescent shimmer to the Three Stripes that prevents this from being dubbed a full black out. The calf leather vamp looks typically sumptuous, providing a soft, cushioned touch on the ball, while the modern-looking curved heel cup provides a locked in fit. 


What some may feel the COPA 19 lacks in terms of classic COPA DNA, the Gloro more than makes up for; yes, we’re talking to all those people that enjoy a good bit of tongue. The classic fold over flap that has set the Gloro series apart in recent releases has been reshaped for the 19 iteration, but it still looks fantastic, harking back to Beckham-era Predators and covering the laces to provide that clean striking zone.

All of this and it's available for the princely sum of just £85. Yep, you read that right, we didn't miss a 1 at the beginning. Eighty five English pounds. The COPA 19+ is more than twice the price of the Copa Gloro, but is it twice as good? We'll let you answer that one. 

Pick up the adidas Copa Gloro 19 from


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