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adidas Launch the X 18+ "Initiator Pack"

Arriving with some seriously classic three striped vibes, the latest X 18+ colour update drops as part of the new “Initiator Pack” – the official adidas on pitch collection for November.

Line up the four boots in the "Initiator Pack" and you’ll see a transition from the champagne white of the Copa 19+ all the way through to the fiery red Pred, taking in some black along the way to complete a favourite adidas three-way of colours. Coming in the middle of this transition and benefitting from the combination of classic colouring is the X 18+, doing its best Predator impression.


Predominantly black, the Skeletal Weave of the upper features flashes of red that lead up to the bold red of the low-cut Claw Collar. The three stripes appear on the forefoot in white along with the 3D moulded heel for some seriously authentic adidas feels. 

You can expect to see the “Initiator Pack” X 18 on the feet of all contracted Adidas X players, including Gabriel Jesus and Gareth Bale from November onwards as it replaces the “Spectral Mode” on pitch.

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