Flame throwing their way into winter adidas have dropped the next on-pitch Predator 19+ design covered in fiery vibes of roaring red. Dropping as part of the new "Initiator Pack" it's the boldest look for adidas' leading pro players to slip into.

Following on from the headline release of the COPA 19 last week, the Predator 19+ is joined by corresponding colour updates on the Nemeziz and X silo as adidas land their first ever fully laceless collection across their four leading on-pitch silos. That striking new orange and red pixilated colourway packs the strongest punch of the collection and will no doubt have a serious presence on pitch throughout November.


The "Initiator Pack" edition of the Predator 19+ is actually the most significant update to the silo since its release one year ago. Yep, Predator 19+. This is a sneaky next generation, but adidas aren't making a song and dance about it, because, well, it's pretty much exactly the same.

On first glance it's just a colour refresh, but on closer inspection you can see that adidas have actually made some subtle aesthetic tweaks. Firstly, the plastic heel finish is replaced by a ridged rubber design, and secondly the Forged Primeknit ridges (the shooting technology, if you like) have been emphasised with black colouring to give the overall design a more traditional Predator vibe.

The "Initiator Pack" is the official on pitch colour collection for adidas in November – replacing the "Spectral Mode" series – meaning you'll see the likes of Paul Pogba, Mesut Oil and Dele Alli all switching into the Predator 19 colourway for the international fixtures this week.


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