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adidas Launch the Nemeziz 18+ "Initiator Pack"

The adidas Nemeziz 18+ gets a fresh seasonal update as part of the new Initiator Pack as the Three Stripes roll out their on-pitch collection for November.

The "Initiator Pack" features combinations of reds, whites and blacks – The most trusted trio of adidas favourites – and it’s well utilised on the Nemeziz, which takes a black forefoot and fades it into a core white body. The trademark stripes appear in a frosted black for a bold finish that further pushes the wintery vibes of the boot.


The stand out touch comes on the soleplate though, which again features a black forefoot but this time it fades back into a chrome red heel, providing a contrasting feeling of heat to the otherwise cool feel the boot gives off.

The colour-up has already been spotted on the feet of Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino ahead of release, and both the 18+ and 18.1 will be worn on pitch going forward, replacing "Spectral Mode" pack.

Pick up the adidas Nemeziz 18+ "Initiator Pack" at


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