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adidas Launch the Predator 18.1 Leather Collection

Despite the incredible advances in synthetic uppers since the first incarnations of the Predator, some purists just can’t go without leather. To satisfy this demand, adidas have released their three most recent Predator 18.1 colourways with K-leather vamps.

The tasty trio, made up of the Team Mode, Energy Mode, and Spectral Mode packs for anyone who’s checking, are all set with K-leather vamps to offer the comfort and lock in of a synthetic with the touch and feel of leather where it counts. It's a move that should be applauded – adidas realising that there was a gap in their menu and filling that gap accordingly with the sweetest of treats. The sleek collared upper now complemented by the classic look of leather. 


For most, the release of the new Predator 18+ in 2017 was an exciting return for the silo after its brief dabble with retirement in 2015. The Pred was back, revamped for the modern game, but for some players, essential components of the original were missing. Laces for a start. The Predator 18+ is a beast of a modern football boot, but naturally it scared a few in the more traditional crowd.


The adidas Predator 18.1 Leather collection is set to be released in extremely limited quantities, you'll have to act quick to snag a pair. Tech-wise, adidas have included the leather vamp on the 18.1 version only (in both FG and SG), ensuring that the same level of stability and lockdown is offered. The K-leather in the vamp has been ribbed so that you can still achieve that trademark power, control and swerve. All for your pleasure, of course.


The classic Predator colourways of the "Solar Yellow" Energy Mode and "Black/White/Red" Team Mode variations in particular stand out, with the addition of the leather vamp just adding to the nostalgic appeal that they offer. Yep, you're all over these aren't you?

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