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adidas Launch The Predator 18+ "Team Mode"

There it is. That's the adidas Predator you know. That's the one you've been impatiently waiting for. After being frogmarched through a wardrobe of unfamiliar outfits, the Predator 18+ slips into its most comfortable look to kick off the 2018/19 season in that satisfying combination of black, red, and white.

Yep, balanced is restored in the world. Before you chirp up and ask where the tongue is, it doesn't have one. Alright? There's a difference between nostalgia and innovation – the Predator 18+ blurs those lines, but delivers the most familiar of colourways on the most advanced Predator to date. Be happy. You'd have snapped their hand off for this when they were toying around with the X 15.1.

6-adidas-predator-18-team-mode.jpg pogba-p-18.jpg
7-adidas-predator-18-team-mode.jpg dele-p-18.jpg

This old friend of a colourway arrives as part of the adidas "Team Mode" pack, which will be supplied to all adidas players to kick off the 201819 season in. How could it not feature on pitch? It's modern day Predator perfection. One look at these on pitch and you'd have forgotten that laces, leather and fold-over tongues ever existed. Maybe.

Expect to see them knocking around on pre-season pitches in the coming days. This is new generation Predator. For a younger generation of players, this is the first taste of a Predator in a colourway rooted so deep in the DNA of the series, and it's as delicious as it's always been.


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