Dropping in on the undercard of the "Spectral Mode" pack, the COPA 18.1 is dressed in more soft autumnal goodness to offer a more traditional take in terms of technology. It's got laces for a start. Remember them?

In a surprising and somewhat uncharacteristic showing the COPA 18.1 takes on one of the boldest designs of the new "Spectral Mode" pack, and although its "Clear Mint/Metallic Gold" combination packs a solid punch it will slip into the background as the Predator, Nemeziz and X silos will be supplied to the adidas pool of leading professional players.


The fact that adidas keep including the COPA 18.1 in their full collections despite it not featuring much on the professional scene is a testament to the relevance of the modern silhouette. The COPA is always a big hitter in the grass-roots game, and provides a genuine alternative to the more adventurous designs on the market.


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