Nike take soft-ground season into the shadows by pairing up one of their most traditional uppers with their most advanced soleplates. The Nike Premier II Anti-Clog "Triple Black" edition proves that the Swoosh ain't neglecting their traditionalists, and that their hi-tech innovations are for all.

We've tried and tested Nike's Anti-Clog technology and do you know what? It works. It works very well. We'd go as far as saying that it's the most underrated boot innovation in a very long time. It takes a very common problem in football and solves it. As soon as the boot comes into contact with water, the plate forms a thin, liquid barrier between itself and anything that comes into contact with the boot – preventing mud sticking to the soleplate. Done.


When the Anti-Clog technology first launched it was reserved for Nike's most headline and brightest colourways, but the Swoosh have slowly introduced it as a standard market option and players of all tastes can now embrace it as a winter essential. At a touch over a £100, they'll be queuing out the doors.

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