Getting you geared up for playing through a wet winter, Nike launch the Premier II Anti-Clog in an understated and suitably overcast “Dark Grey/Black” colourway. Still boasting a throwback silhouette that conjures memories of the Air Zoom Legend II, the Premier II is a winter ever-present across all levels.

The Premier II is the workman in Nike’s setup; it’s the one that rolls up its sleeves and doesn't mind getting dirty, and that’s evident with the addition of Anti-Clog to the latest look, kitting out the boot for performances through the wet winter months. Now, we’re not saying you’ll never see Anti-Clog in the Premier League – numerous players do opt for it – but it’s a technology that’s going to be far more effective on the mudfests that a lot of grassroots players will be expected to play on. And that’s right up the Premier II’s alley.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Premier II isn’t a top performing boot just because it’s not worn in the top divisions; it still boasts a supple K-leather vamp for a classic, cushioned touch, complemented by stitch lines that are influenced by the legendary 1994 Tiempo Premier. Add to that the annual addition of Anti-Clog technology, which really does work, and the new “Dark Grey/Black” colourway – a look that lends to the no-nonsense approach of the boot – and you can see why this is such a favourite. Available at around the £100 mark, you certainly won't get better for your buck.

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