Nike fire up their pre-season machine by releasing two timely colour updates to the Premier II series. The Premier is pre-season icon when it comes to the hard pitches of summer football, and this latest drop delivers traditional and more exotic flavours.

The Premier has established itself as a pre-season essential for a lot of players thanks to its leather upper and comfortable construction, not to mention that classic fold over tongue. It's a boot that makes that transition between running shoe and elite performance boots smoother while offering clean touch and trusted fit. 


As for the colourways themselves, you're looking at a vibrant "Bright Crimson/Black/Lemon Twist" combination and then a more low key "Black/Very Berry" combo more synonymous with that low-key Premier vibe. Nike use the Premier to satisfy all needs when it comes to style and their two or three colour palettes always look clean and smart no matter what colours are mixed. These two are no different.


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