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David Beckham Covers SoccerBible Magazine Issue 10

SoccerBible Magazine Issue 10 "Legacy vs Legacy Over", covered exclusively and revolved around David Beckham, explores journeys of legacy and constant re-invention. Stories from those who have shaped modern football to the groundbreakers of today who tear through convention.

Taking from the margins and shaking up the mainstream never used to fall at football’s door, but as heroes continue to leave us and boundaries blur online, so the make-up changes. Through nine previous issues of SoccerBible Magazine we have defined a new direction and explored the ever evolving sides of football culture. In clocking up minutes and moments with the planet’s greatest, we've travelled the globe in uncovering new tastes and trends and shone a light on those with a story. This is a magazine about the diversity and excitement of the New Soccer Culture.

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Photographed by Neil Bedford, our landmark cover story explores just how deep David Beckham's cultural influence stretches. On a creative spectrum that’s long-stretched from free kicks to fashion weeks, it’s perhaps the ability to wrong foot that puts David Beckham in such exalted, pioneering company. 

After taking us through his favourite Predator football boots fresh off the release of his new adidas capsule collection, we discuss his journey from a humble hardworking prospect to a visionary creative who radically changed the game for the better, to the unprecedented post-script to his playing days—Miami.

Pick up SoccerBible Magazine Issue 10 online now and in stores from 29th November.


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