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PUMA Launch the ONE 18.1

PUMA launch their first assault on 2018 by launching the second generation ONE 18.1 silo. Set to be worn by the likes of Sergio Agüero, Hector Bellerin, and Marc Bartra, the ONE 18.1 drops onto PUMA's refreshed scene with a number of upgraded technologies.

The first update on the ONE silo sees PUMA stick to the formula that has made the series an instant success – with the focus still very much on fit, fast, and feel. The most noticeable change comes on the upper of the ONE 18.1 as PUMA replace the upper of the previous edition with a super soft and thin K-Leather which has been applied only to the key striking area; a move that reduces the weight of the boot and produces a more streamlined silhouette.


In addition, engineered 3D striking curves have been incorporated into the application of the K-leather to provide more grip and a better contact surface than the 17.1 version. In short PUMA have taken everything good from the first generation and improved it with subtle upgrades. The evoKNIT sock and midfoot lace tapes have been retained but have been further enhanced by adding inner heel padding, for an added blast of comfort.

When the ONE 17.1 launched, their were questions surrounding how it was a natural replacement for the evoSPEED series. PUMA have addressed that on the 18.1 by introducing a new RAPIDSPRINT Pebax outsole to reduce the overall weight.


Aesthetically PUMA have launched the ONE 18.1 in modest black and red combination, with Future 18.1 silo carrying more eccentric vibes. Dynamic embossed graphics are placed on the synthetic area of the boot that produce an iridescent effect when in motion.

Twelve months ago PUMA's boot collection consisted of the evoSPEED, evoPOWER, and evoTOUCH. A rapid squad shake-up will see the Big Cat arrive in Russia with a two-punch combo that carried the strongest of identities.

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