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PUMA Limited Edition "Super Atom"

PUMA bring back one of the most precious pieces of memorabilia from their archive ― the SUPER ATOM ― to mark sixty five years of PUMA's reign of screw-in stud football boots.

Sixty five years ago PUMA released the "SUPER ATOM" - the world's first football boot to feature screw-in studs. The year was 1952; the year Queen Elizabeth II took to the thrown, MAD Magazine released their first issue and KFC opened its doors. There's some perspective for you. Rising from the archives, PUMA welcome the SUPER ATOM to the 21st century with a limited edition release that mirrors the exact design of the original.

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PUMA's first ever football boot, the "ATOM" was launched in 1948, with several members of the West Germany national team wear PUMA boots in the first post-war football match against Switzerland in 1950. Shortly after, Rudolf Dassler successfully developed a football boot with screw-in studs in collaboration with experts, such as West Germany’s national coach Sepp Herberger. The launch of the SUPER ATOM in 1952 saw the world’s first boot with screw-in studs, marking the beginning of PUMA’s highly successful heritage in football.

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It's hard to believe this bulky piece of footwear was once a footwear sensation. Mirroring the design of the original PUMA SUPER ATOM with its distinctive shape and high-cut silhouette, the boots feature the classic PUMA logo and the SUPER ATOM branding in gold.

A real collectors item, the PUMA "SUPER ATOM" is limited to just 100 pairs worldwide. Get your pair here.


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