PUMA suit up and take you on a guided VIP tour through their glorious archives. Winding through historic product and legendary players they arrive in 1978, at the feet of a man by the name of César Luis Menotti - the World Cup winning Argentina coach.

This is where the inspiration lays for the limited edition Menotti Star football boots - just 511 pairs of golden gems. In fact the Menotti Star is so beautiful PUMA should charge an admission just to look at it. A re-make rendezvous, the original special edition was released to commemorate Argentina's 1978 World Cup title and the new Menotti Star features a blend of modern & classic design elements including the retro tongue logo and formstrips and a premium leather upper.

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So why the release now? Quite simply, it's César Luis Menotti's birthday. That explains the 511 pairs then. Belter of a present that, if we were César Luis Menotti we'd celebrate tonight by lighting two big old sparklers, stepping outside and running around the back garden wearing nothing but these and a scarf. But hey, that's just us, do whatever you want.

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