The Copa series returns to its comfort zone in a traditional black and white colourway on the modernised COPA 17.1 edition. Arguably the most famous football boot of all time is stripped naked, transformed into a more streamlined edition and re-dressed in its favourite suit.

For those that were panicking at the sight of the "Red Limit" launch version of the COPA 17.1, calm yourselves. Order has been restored in the form of true tradition. No, there isn't the famous fold-over tongue but overall the COPA 17.1 is a far better equipped football boot than the Copa Munidal, certainly in performance terms. It hurts to say that but it's unquestionably true. Obviously, there's still an unspoken higher level of cool that comes with sporting an original pair, but the reality is the COPA 17.1 performs better.

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The DNA of the Copa is still very much present, the new "Black/White/Red" colourway confirming that. Launched in a welcomed soft ground plate as well as the firm ground featured here, the adidas COPA 17.1 is built with a k-leather upper, compression tongue and SprintFrame outsole to ensure its fit to go at the highest level. Consider it a modern version that represents somewhere between the very best of the 11Pro and Copa series. A heritage hero, for sure.

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