PUMA extend their King Top 'Made in Italy' collection with a black and silver update drenched in Italian style. The King is the epitome of heritage class in the footballing world and PUMA have kept it relevant with subtle and elegant tweaks, none more so than on this beautiful instalment.

The PUMA King is a boot that has evolved seamlessly over its 48 year existence and to this very day is still being sported weekend after weekend. Modern servicing has kept it match fit and players with style appreciation have kept it active. A classic quilted leather black upper is met with a synthetic white heel as two generations of boot design are merged into one.

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As you can imagine a ‘Made in Italy’ release serves as a perfect way to celebrate the tailored heritage that the country has brought in giving the King much for it’s class. The PUMA King M.I.I is a fresh chapter for a boot that has given the game so many memories. Not sitting still or simply reminiscing, this instalment champions the detail with attention paid from toe to tongue and in doing so, keeps performance at the fore. The soft leather offers the perfect touch and a resilient cage allows for a tough tackling though cultured display of pure football.

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