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King of Cool | PUMA Move to the Dark Side

The PUMA King Top Di graduated from the Old School with honours, very few boots can rival the King's tradition and quality and to this day it remains one of the coolest boots on the market. Keep your synthetic materials and retina damaging colourways in the changing room, the black/gold is pure uncompromising boot perfection to many.

If all these luminous colourways are doing your Dzeko (think about it) then the black/gold PUMA King Top Di is a refreshing take on what a football boot has been for so long, and to many, what a football should still be. Premium Kangaroo Leather upper, subtle gold details on a black canvas and a fold over tongue.

If brightly coloured boots hang around McDonald's car parks in pimped up boy racer cars, revving aggressively and playing Avicii out of their iPhones then the King drives a Rolls Royce, wears a top hat and holds the door for ladies. 

There's still an unspoken respect for players wearing black boots, especially the King. PUMA have come across the perfect heritage boot and have pretty much left it be for over 30 years.

What do you think of the PUMA King Top Di Football Boots? Let us know. Drop us a line in the comments.


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