Yeah, they glow in the dark. Because, glowing in the dark has never been anything other than damn right badass. Taking things up a notch from the recent on-pitch Floodlights Pack, Nike return with an exclusive rendition of their FootballX collection titled The Floodlights Glow Pack.

Age is irrelevant when it comes to stuff that glows-in-the-dark. You could be eight or eighty and it still possesses undisputed elements of cool. When it comes to footwear that glows in the dark just for the sake of it, no safety reasons, just 'cos it friggin well can, that's when our heads are turned. Many brands have designed reflective or glowing cleated football boots, Nike included, but the glowing features are never seen under stadium lights, they almost become pointless other than for some pretty marketing imagery – street football, though, that's where the technology comes to life and becomes well, relevant.

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Under the fading lights of dimly lit streets the Nike Floodlights Glow pack actually works, much in the same way Nike has incorporated the glow-in-the-dark tech on lifestyle footwear such as the Air Max. All four Nike FootballX silos are transformed, that's the Magista, Mercurial, Hypervenom and Tiempo, all represented in the pack, each of them flooded in distinctive, vivid hues. All finished in different colours for a unique identity, with the glow elements on the Swooshes and soles for a bouncing display of lit-up silhouettes.

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Bolder, stronger and with a hell of a lot more glow game than the cleated Nike Floodlights Pack, the FootballX collection brings the right light as the evenings get darker with Fall rolling in. Glow on, my son. Glow on.

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