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Closer Look At The Nike 'Impulse Pack'

Gearing up for a summer of football across the globe, Nike launched the ‘Impulse Pack’ this week, their official tournament pack for EURO 2020 and Copa America. It sees a range of "Dynamic Turquoise”, "Lime Glow”, and ”Aquamarine” tying together the Phantom GT, Mercurial Vapor 14 and Superfly 8, and Tiempo Legend 8.

Both EURO 2020 and the Copa America are right around the corner, and as a result Nike have lifted the veil on their on-pitch pack for both competitions, with the ‘Impulse Pack’ debuting in the Women’s Champions League final between Chelsea and Barcelona this weekend just passed. But aside from the vibrant new "Dynamic Turquoise/Lime Glow/Aquamarine” paint jobs for the Phantom GT, Mercurial Vapor and Superfly and Tiempo Legend, Nike has also included some smart details that might be missed on first inspection.

impulse 11-min.jpg
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Each of the three boots have a symbol on the heel to represent the link between the boot and player style. The Phantom GT has a triangle to represent the skills, flair and creativity of the wearer, while the Tiempo has a circle, alluding to the idea of a Tiempo player being an all round playmaker. And then the Mercurial displays a chevron, because as we all know, that silo is about speed, and the chevron is a design element that has commonly been used for the Mercurial line in the past. 

But it doesn’t stop there. As well as these main symbols being on the heel, they then appear on the insole too. Still not enough? That’s what Nike thought, so in one final subtle sign off they have also been used to make a half-tone style print across each boots’ main Swoosh. Smart additions that speak of Nike's attention to detail. 

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As is often the way with a tournament pack, the 'Impulse Pack' is designed to be seen. The Mercurial, in both Vapor and Superfly models, arrives in a “Dynamic Turquoise/Lime Glow” colourway. It sees the former colour dominate the base, with the latter popping through the soleplate, and through the bold, black outline Swoosh.

The Phantom GT arrives in a “Lime Glow/Aquamarine” look, with the lime colouring getting the lead role, dominating the whole look of the boot. In similar fashion to the Merc, the second colour, aquamarine here, is executed in subtle fashion on the Swoosh. And this passing of colour continues on to the Tiempo, which features a “Aquamarine/White/Lime Glow” paint job. Again, what was the secondary colour on the Phantom GT is promoted to primary on the Tiempo. It's then finished with pops of the lime colouring that ties the pack together, restricted mainly to the inner lining.

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