Tones of chrome with spaces for laces. Looking to hit that satisfaction sweet-spot for modern tradition adidas have taken off that lace cover to produce a sparkling rendition of the X 16.1.

Set to be worn by the majority of X players at EURO 2016 and the Copa America, the X 16.1 twists the technologies of the PURECHAOS boot for a more familiar style (if you can call a hi-top collar familiar). Making the absolute most of a major international tournament, adidas have fired both barrels of innovation at the summer with a collection that is like nothing ever seen before.

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The X 16.1 brings the variety as well as the technology with a NON STOP GRIP (NSG) finish and TECHFIT lacing system provides a glove-like fit. The updated SPRINTFRAME remains from the PURECHAOS and delivers traction and stability for high-speed movements. If you like your laces on the outside then you're in. It's 2016 and this is what a football looks like, not just for the sake of difference but for good reason.

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