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Pantofola d'Oro La Gazzetta AC Milan

The perfection pioneers at Pantofola d'Oro collaborate with Italy's most established sports newspaper La Gazetta dello Sport, to create a majestic series of football boots decorated with Gazzetta headlines from historic footballing moments. Kicking off the series is the famous red and black of AC Milan.

With each headline celebrating the Rossoneri's rich and successful history, Pantofola d'Oro has created a distinctive football time-capsule that paints a storyboard of trophies from the red half of the city. Pantofola d'Oro have a sterling reputation for delivering quality that cuts no corners and their latest offering pays tribute to the clubs that they share their distinguished Italian roots with.

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The AC Milan edition marks the first effort that kicks off the Pantofola d'Oro La Gazzetta collection and it'll be followed by versions for a number of Italian clubs that will drop in the coming weeks to complete the full series. You can expect to see beautiful Juventus, Inter and Italy takeovers in amongst a few other surprises.

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Champions League victories and Serie A successes are etched onto the upper of the AC Milan La Gazzetta boot, which contains all your usual Pantofola d'Oro Lazzarini comforts when it comes to the quality of production and softest leather.

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