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Pantofola D'oro Presents 'Made to Measure' at Pro:Direct LDN19

Taking over the tailored game of London Town, Pantofola D'oro headed to Pro:Direct's LDN19 store on Carnaby Street this weekend to showcase their ever charming hand crafted collection. Keeping esteemed company too, the famous Baresi brothers called in to give their stamp of approval - emphatic connoisseurs of a cultured game.

Pantofola D'oro is a brand that has stood the test of time with treasured fashion. As pure as they come, their boots are crafted with a fine leather finish and drop on the feet with relentless cool. Keeping things creative in London, it was the London base of Pro:Direct that played host to this party as the Pantofola team were on hand to offer a 'Made to Measure' experience.

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Going further however, the arrival of the famed Baresi brothers added a touch of truly unique class into the equation. Two brothers who have respectively captained AC and Inter Milan, their story comes served from the very top table of the game. Two advocates for the Pantofola way of playing the game, it's a suave look they collectively boss. Still involved in the game from a behind the scenes stand point at the two aforementioned clubs, they are still lending their influence to the modern game.

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Imagine wrapping your foot in the finest wine of football boots on the market. Regardless of the result, you're looking the best out there while the comfort level takes the stage on a whole new level. Forever fresh.

You can slip into a pair of Pantofola D'oro here.


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