The "Shocking Orange" palette escapes out of the Velocita section at Umbro HQ, barges down the famous doors of the Speiciali wing and pins the brand's heritage silo in an almighty headlock.

This time last month we were bigging up a complete blackout edition of the Speciali Eternal, one of the purest football boots in its purest forms but the Speciali Eternal's 2016 colour game begins at the complete other end of the spectrum with a "Shocking Orange" update that rips up the rule book of heritage boot design. Does it work? It's hard to say, on one hand it does, but on the other the Speciali looks uncomfortable in it's new clothes - like a school teacher on non-uniform day.

Some description

Launched back in the summer last year, the Umbro Speciali Eternal returned as a welcomed permanent fixture in Umbro's boot collection. Leaning on the back catalogue of famous Speciali design, the Eternal is re-engineered for the modern game with a lightweight soft leather upper and ‘Wishbone’ technology throughout the full length of the soleplate. Well and truly Tango'd.

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