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Umbro Collaborate With LC23 To Celebrate 30-Year Anniversary Of Speciali

The Umbro Speciali is one of those iconic boots that’s so classic in its essence that it stands the test of time. So far, that time is at the 30 year mark, and to celebrate that anniversary, Umbro has teamed up with LC23 to create a very special edition version of its key silo.

Thirty years have passed since the first release of the Speciali, and yet it still remains to this day as one of the most iconic boots on the market, thanks to its classic silhouette, Italian K-leather comfort, and purity of purpose. To celebrate its indelible mark on the pitch and in our memories, Umbro have teamed up with LC23 – the brainchild of Italian designer Leo Colacicco, last seen in the footballing world through his collaboration with Kappa and SSC Bari earlier this year – to drop two products that are equally impossible to ignore. 

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The first is a super-rare Speciali 22 that’s limited to just 30 pairs – this ain’t one you’re gonna want to play in. A playfully provocative take on the signature silhouette, gone is the K-leather construction, the fold-over tongue instead sitting atop an eye-catching crochet upper that features flower-like designs in tribute to all the players that got the job done and looked good while doing it.

How do you make the Speciali even more special?” Commented Colacicco. “I entrusted the shoe to the magical hands of a Puglia-based artisan who crochets by hand. Each pair takes 20 hours of work to craft a tailor-made blanket for the boots.

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Then landing in support of the boot is a limited-edition run of 92 shirts that clashes iconic Umbro jerseys released in the Speciali’s year of birth. A beautiful riot of colours and patterns, the result is a flamboyant shirt that expresses the fearless style and ingenious spirit of the players that wore Speciali.

Colacicco said: “Year after year, Umbro has designed some of football’s most loved kits. 1992 – the year of the first Speciali – is a particular highlight with Italian, English and UK teams strongly represented. I selected my favourites then carefully combined them to create a one-of-a-kind pattern for true fans of Our Game.

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The Speciali x LC23 Capsule will be available through Umbro's online channels.

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