In bringing together a durable and beautiful leather, dashing it in 'Electric Blue' and engineering a boot of super light proportions, PUMA have created a boot with serious might. Nu-rave is dead, electro football is pumping.

A super light sensation that comes fresh out the box with the beat set at pace from the word go. A beautiful attack on the senses, the PUMA evoSPEED SL Leather brings a re-invented upper and soleplate to the party ensuring maximum control with minimalist tones. They may be vocal on the eyes but it's a sweet song of sass. Pure sexy football.

Some description

The colours of "Lemonade / White and Orange Clownfish" may sound like some kind of gold fish bowl of tragedy but fear not. The space and no nonsense approach mean that these boots are left clean and sharp. The pinch on the leather from the highest order, these could well stand the test of time.

Cushioned and smelling fresh. Pick up a pair here.