PUMA have temporarily stepped out of the innovation fast lane to focus on tradition with the release of their first ONE 1 Leather Classic football boot. With all the knitted, synthetic and collared tech knocking about it's easy to forget that an all black leather boot will forever be in demand.

With PUMA's leading silos both mid-collared silhouettes the brand have made their ONE series more versatile by offering it to players in a lo-cut leather edition, and you won't find anybody complaining about that. Stripped back to the most comfortable of essentials, theĀ One 1 Leather Classic features a more traditional tongue and fit construction, buckled in by the safest of colourways.


The aesthetic mirrors the standard ONE version but simplifies the overall technology for a satisfying combination of leather feel and familiarity. Ensuring that the brand aren't isolating any of their players, this lo-cut edition will serve as PUMA's alternative option for players who are still unsure on the popular collared look and feel seen across the entire boot market right now. As long as balls are round and goals have nets, they'll always be a demand for blackout leather football boots.


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