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adidas X15+ Primeknit "Solar Orange"

Not content to rest on the success of their revolution, the three stripes have seen fit to take their most intriguing piece of technology and infuse it with their newest toys. Only a few months after being introduced to the X15.1, adidas has decided to give Chaos the perfect fit and make it a PrimeKnit.

Although adidas made it clear that they were leaving the past behind by shelving the so many stories boot silos, some innovations are not so easy to leave behind.  Still one of the most intriguing and praised Adidas creations of the last few years, PrimeKnit gets tossed in the blender to see if the knitted material can improve on the newest adidas boots.  If you give the boot labeled for “chaos” the perfect fit and structure, can it still wreak havoc on the pitch?

Not nearly as altered from the material change as the ACE 15+ PrimeKnit, the X still sees some fairly extensive changes from the shift from the standard X’s synthetic to the PrimeKnit upper.  The tongue now is attached in a method nearly identical to the PrimeKnit 2.0 and PrimeKnit boost, which can couple with the adidas techfit collar to create an extremely close fit for anyone willing to give the newest member of the adidas “Limited Collection” a whirl. Considering how much the PrimeKnit 2.0 was praised for its fit, the X15+PrimeKnit should take the concept another step further.

Some description

As if the boot needed any more attention brought to it, adidas layered on the Solar Orange so that this boot can be seen from space.  A black heel counter and white stripes on the midstep do break up the blinding orange, but there will be no doubting who is rocking these boots once they make their way out of the box...protective eyewear not included.

After giving the standard X15.1 an extensive run-out in our Laced Up review, the thought of integrating the collar further into the boot and making it feel more integral through its attachment to the PrimeKnit seems like a great move.  The AG/FG soleplate is unchanged and the X-Cage that runs along the outside of the boot is also retained from the standard X15.1, which, considering how much we enjoyed both of those with the standard X, will only improve the overall package of the X15+ PrimeKnit.

The revolution just added another piece to its arsenal...adidas is not messing around as 2015 starts to wind down. Want 'em? Grab a pair here.


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