adidas bring their Primeknit game to the courts and turf as ACE & X are weaved, transformed and dropped into small-sided football.

We've seen a huge emphasis on small-sided football in recent months from brands. The competitive nature, demand for the game and overall standard has increased, which has resulted in an upturn of product supply. Whereas five and seven-a-side was once just treated with a friendly mentality it's now far more serious with players looking for the same top end performance footwear as they would want on the grass.

Some description

Both the ACE and X use the same Primeknit upper as the on-pitch editions but the ACE takes on a turf soleplate for astro surfaces and the X is finished with an indoor sole for hard courts. That "Solar Orange" ain't getting any less bright indoors but let's face it, anything that adidas produce in a three-way colour combo of red(ish)/white/black is always going to go down well. 

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