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adidas ACE15+ Primeknit "Solar Orange"

The longevity of a revolution always depends on the strength of your most important weapons. For adidas, that means taking their new toys and wrapping them up in the phenomenal PrimeKnit. Is it possible to praise the adidas ACE without spewing terrible tennis related puns? We will certainly try...

The world has finally begun to warm to the adidas revolution, but there is still a large portion of the football world that is waiting to be won over by the newest adidas weapons.  While the standard ACE15.1 has been well received, it never hurts for a brand to be able to tack on one of their most innovative and successful materials in the form of PrimeKnit and see what gets created.

While the standard ACE 15.1 is the product of a multi-layer synthetic on the forefoot, the ACE15+ PrimeKnit lets the PrimeKnit material do the majority of the work for the newest creation.  We enjoyed the feel of the standard ACE 15.1 when you were on the ball, but we can’t wait to see what the feel gets to be when we switch from the control web to the PrimeKnit upper.

Some description

Crafted in a "Solar Orange/White/Core Black" set-up, the ACE15+ PrimeKnit won’t be for the faint of heart.  The Solar Orange is aptly named as it is comparable to the brightness of the sun, but the other color choices on the boot do look good in contrast to the bright orange of the forefoot (especially the Core Black tongue splitting the Solar Orange).

The tongue and the fit get some serious uplifts courtesy of the PrimeKnit changes, but the heel situation and the AG/FG stud configuration are retained from the standard ACE.  We aren’t complaining, as the heel on the ACE is incredibly comfortable and padded and the AG/FG configuration is the set-up that multi-surface players have been begging to see for years.

The PrimeKnit 2.0 was a great fitting boot, but the use of the material on the ACE will allow the adidas knitted material to get used on a much bulkier boot.  Where the PrimeKnit 2.0 and X15+ PrimeKnit both lean closer to speed boot sensibilities, it will be fun to see how PrimeKnit functions in a boot meant to control every aspect of a game.

Forget our aversion to horrible, “dad-joke” puns, but this boot combination is a 144 mph ACE...totally unstoppable. Want 'em? Grab a pair here.


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