The cleanest of clean. Launching the boot in it's purest form the double white Under Armour Speedform Leather holds a pristine presence with it's spotless design clean enough to eat your dinner off.

Following on from the boisterous "Emerald/Hi-Vis" and "Blue/Red" launch colourways Under Armour have taken things back to basics and stripped their newest silo with immaculate crystal clear results. A fine example of how less can be more with the most basic of two-tone colour combinations with all the right finishing touches in all the right places. 

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The "Leather" Speedform isn't exactly what it says on the tin as Under Armour use a synthetic leather replacement that in all honesty feels identical to the real thing whilst being able to maintain its shape and eliminating any water-absorption.

The key technologies on the Speedform are taken from Under Armour's hugely successful running concepts and they're transferred across to the leather versions, which include an articulated toe box and seamless heel cup for customised fit all sat on top of a lightweight chrome sole-plate, also wrapped up in white for a seamless look as well as fit. Icy.

The Under Armour Speedform Leather is available at select stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer.