It’s showtime season. Time for brands to put on their most innovative outfits ahead of the big dance in Russia this summer. For Under Armour, it’s all about the new Magnetico series. We laced up in the silo that replaced the Clutchfit to see what it’s saying.

No knits, no collars, no laceless. Under Armour believe in their own concepts rather than following the crowd just to fit in. The Magnetico has already assembled Under Armour’s strongest squad of players to date on the professional scene, indicating that it could be the boot to take the brand to the next level in European football.


For those anxiously awaiting the Clutchfit 4, it’s time to move on. Believe us when we say that the Magnetico will help you forget that. While everybody else is crocheting their mid-cut collars and hitting the knitting craze Under Armour have dropped a boot that makes you see that genius isn’t necessarily knitted or devoid of laces. All it takes is a damn good boot… and that’s what we’ve got here.

The Visuals

The Magnetico is going to be a fun boot for colourways. A decent colour fade always goes down well on a boot, so we’re anxious to see what we will get during the shelf-life of the Magnetico. We’re a fan of the understated teal launch design as it fades to a deep blue. Strong start.


With the “Zero break-in time” mantra, you’d hope that these would provide a decent fit. We went true to size with zero issues, but don’t think you’ll be getting the bulk of the  previous Clutchfit line. The Magnetico is meant to sit tight and elevate the thin upper… but it’s not enough to put off players with wider feet.


Strapped in

That “zero break-in time,” tag-line is pretty much a given for any boot on the market right now. It’s not really a bragging right. Still, they ain’t lying.

This boot hits your feet like those well worn boots you default to. A goal for Under Armour throughout the ClutchFit series was to let boots form to your foot as soon as the laces are pulled tight, but the Magnetico turns the insta-fit factor up to 11. The Magnetico has, and you can hyperbole check us here, the most comfortable out-of-the-box forefoot on the market.


We worry about how many times we’ll have to say “soft” to describe this boot. But, let’s go. It isn’t soft like other thin boots in the past… sometimes, boots got labeled as “soft,” because the upper was so thin that you could press it down easily with a finger.

However, the product had a plastic feel to it and you realised that “soft” and “supple” weren’t necessarily guaranteed to be found together. The Magnetico does “supple” and “soft” like a well worn leather, and the only plastic you’ll find with this boot is either underfoot or at the tips of the laces.

The upper is so pliable and enjoyable from the first minute, that we were instantly worried about durability. How could something as easy on our feet as this also take a punch and still come back into the ring? Because it has learned from the Clutchfit line. The durability is there… which is good, because it’ll take an intervention to get us to stop wearing the Magnetico.


On The Ball

Magnetico is a fitting name, because these boots will have you demanding the ball at all times. That ridiculously soft upper that gives you the comfort of a warm bath, fresh sheets, and a lie-in. UA say that there are three layers here, but we don’t understand how because it is so incredibly soft and thin. It works seamlessly.

Buttery on the ball, cushioned when you take a pass or zip a ball out to the wing, and a delightful warm flush feel when you shoot. We would never have proclaimed a Clutchfit as “thin” or giving a superb touch on the ball… and the Magnetico definitely isn’t a Clutchfit 4… it’s a new, glorious boot.


Despite noticable ClutchFit symbols starting to show when you work towards the midfoot and the instep of the boot, the thin feel is unchanged.

The FormSkin upper is something that we love from Under Armour and we want to see on more releases. The FormSkin tongue reminds us of old school Tiempo glory, and we cannot believe that the tongue isn’t leather; it’s so soft.  Another shift from the Clutchfit is that the Magnetico doesn’t provide the protection that the Clutchfit bulk used to bring… take heed and brace yourself for tough challenges.



When in doubt, brands should always go conical studs. Not to say Under Armour are ever the type to hide in their shell, but putting this quality boot on a soleplate that accomplishes its task while being simple only adds to the Magnetico. With a blade right above the midfoot, it’s the 12 conical studs that keep you on your feet.

A sticker warns about the soleplate finish peeling after use, but the blue gives way to a look that complements the upper nicely. A worthy carryover from the ClutchFit 3.0.


Any Issues?

Yeah, we’ve got a few words for Under Armour keeping this on the shelf while trying to sell us boots with zips on. The Magnetico is a boot more than worthy of rubbing shoulders with the strongest in the industry and provides a level of comfort that isn’t just chasing the standard… it is the standard. 

We’d normally reserve some time to mourn the ClutchFit line, but the Magnetico changes this from a funeral to a party.


The Verdict

There’s a boot on Under Armour’s table named the Spotlight, but the Magnetico demands and deserves the spotlight. It’s got the touch to please every player, the comfort to calm even the kangaroo leather purists, and the overall get-up to warn every other brand that UA aren’t making up the numbers.

Best Under Armour boot released? An easy yes. It’s not even close. It’s a boot that makes you keen to see what Under Armour can follow this up with. We’ve gone from Sunday League to Champions League here.

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