Under Armour drop a second colourway on their Spotlight silo to consolidate their position in the laceless game. The first boot with zips will undoubtedly take some getting used to, but its clean aesthetic and unique charm are there to be warmed to. It's different, put it that way.

Yeah, zips. Under Armour have rebelled against the design rulebook and recreated a concept that challenges the very foundations of football boot creation. This is a disruptive design, a bold statement. A move that has put zips on a football boot, instead of laces. Yeah... zips. 


Under Armour have whipped up a modest colourway for the second offering of Spotlight. A white and black canvas hosts finishing touches of "Phoenix Fire" on a boot that features an Internal Fit Sleeve to cradles the foot and provide that snug harness feeling. The zipped cover provides a larger and cleaner striking surface. Just don't fly low.

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